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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alien Visions Root Beer

Two years of vaping. I have been drifting from vendor to vendor in search of a juice that could satisfy my root beer craving. At times I would think I had found the one only to be let down. Even outside the vaping realm I consider myself to be somewhat of a root beer connoisseur. Sipping on mugs of frothy deliciousness from some of the finest root beer brewers around the world. Like Frodo tossing the ring into the molten lavas of Mordor my quest has finally ended. My savior? Alien Visions Root beer.

Holy crap you guys this juice is amazing! Before I even put a drip into a fresh LR atty I was in love. The aroma that was released when I unscrewed the bottle was like unwrapping a root beer barrel candy. I knew from the smell alone I was in for a treat. I quickly dripped four drops and took my first toot. I was blown away. This could possibly be the most authentic tasting juice I have ever tried. Spot on!! A very rich and creamy root beer flavor. Nothing weird lingering in the background or the foreground for that matter. I can just let the vapor roll around in my mouth like pipe tobacco and drift off into root beer dream land. Thank you Alien Visions for taking the time to perfect your juices.

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